I suppose we all have written a book. No, maybe not with pen and paper but with each day we have lived. I really don’t know if anyone but God records it or even cares about reading it. It’s more like a book that we scan through from time to time in the private library of our minds.

From time to time something reminds us of a page of that book or perhaps a chapter.

As I stood to preach at Oak Grove Baptist Church in Mendenhall, MS yesterday morning it was though I had gotten a cup of coffee, sat down in my recliner and begin to read a page from the past.

God has been so good to Sandra and me by permitting us to serve Him with wonderful people across our ministry. As I looked into their faces tears of joy and gratitude swelled in my heart. So many warm and precious memories flooded my mind. As we drove out of the parking lot I looked at that old church through my rear view mirror and thought that was a good chapter in my book.

From time to time I read and re-read it.

I’m 77 now and will be 78 in a month or so. Maybe I can write another page or so – hope so anyway.

I guess no one will read our books and say that was well written but I pray that when the time comes to say, “The End” He will say, “Well done good and faithful servant. That’s a “Best Seller”.


In Him,

Billy Thomas