Connecting pastors & volunteers with nursing home residents in need.


In Psalms 71:18 the writer prays “Now also when I am old and gray headed, O God, forsake me not: until I have shewed Thy strength unto this generation, and Thy power to everyone that is to come.”  Millions of people who live in nursing homes and Veteran’s Homes across our country are praying that prayer today.  God is sending those in the Nursing Home Ministry to answer their prayer. To those lonely people we say, “We are coming.”

We are a non-profit 501(c)(3)organization with a mission to connect pastors with nursing home residents in need. Leveraging the internet and a nationwide network of ministries, NHM helps provide support to the long-term care industry.

Establishing The Nursing Home Ministry

A white dove flying in the air.

Founder, Dr. Billy Thomas

After serving as Pastor for fifty-six years, God directed me to establish The Nursing Home Ministry. We found an amazing statistic.

Over 70% of those in elder care communities have outlived their families, have been forgotten or neglected.

They exist day after day, 24-7 and no one ever visits them except the staff where they are living. No group could be found that did “one on one” ministry in elder care communities.  Nearly all churches conduct services, have bible Studies, and have seasonal events such as Christmas, Easter, Valentine, etc. 

God led us to enlist, train volunteers and assign them to elder care communities where The Nursing Home Ministry is invited. We have been doing this for over four years and God continues to send us to new cities and residents. We want to go across the country. We are welcomed everywhere we go. Veterans compose the greatest demographic of the elderly that need to someone to visit them.

Our purpose is to share the hope of Christ with the elderly wherever we are invited. We have witnessed many elderly pray to receive Christ, several have been Baptized and many find new purpose for their lives as they begin to serve where they live.

The Nursing Home Ministry is truly “The Mission Field Around the Corner”.


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Because of your generous gifts we are able to equip The Nursing Home Ministry with the resources including personnel, materials, support services, and equipment to fulfill our mission to share the hope of Christ with the forgotten residents living in Nursing Homes and Veteran Homes across the country.

In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.

Matthew 5:16